Wednesday night marks David Letterman's last Late Show, and in the run-up to the finale, the comic legend has invited some of his all-time favorite guests and musicians to celebrate his 33-year run on late-night TV. These on-air tributes, which expertly mix tears, laughter, nostalgia, and respect, will make you miss America's favorite sarcastic grump before he's even said goodnight one last time. Adam Sandler said it best: "There simply is no better man than David Letterman… You're the king of comedy, my best friend on TV."

Below, the 10 best farewell tributes to Letterman. And in the spirit of Dave, let's do it as a Top Ten list, shall we?

10. Don Rickles ignores, berates Letterman as a parting gift

9. Cher calls Letterman an "a-hole" one last time

8. Bill Murray jumps, falls out of a giant cake

7. Seinfeld re-does his first stand-up set from Late Night

6. Tom Waits performs a new goodbye song

5. Julia Roberts and Letterman share one last smooch

4. Adam Sandler's sweetly ribald song

3. Tina Fey graciously takes off her dress

2. Norm Macdonald gets choked up

1. Bob Dylan does Sinatra


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