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Last week of Letterman

Watch Bob Dylan sing a Sinatra song for Letterman

The two most important things to know in the world, David Letterman said he tells his son, are a) "you have to be nice to other people," and b) "the greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan." Yes, "that's all you need to know in life," Letterman said on Tuesday's Late Show. So, of course, for his final appearance on Letterman — the last scheduled performance of any musician on Letterman — Dylan chose a Sinatra song, "The Night We Called It a Day."

The song (actually written by Matt Dennis and Tom Adair) is on Dylan's newest album, a tribute to Frank Sinatra, but it works pretty well as a farewell number for Letterman, too. Still, wouldn't have "The Times They Are A-Changin'" been even better? Or even "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"? I guess you don't tell "the greatest songwriter of modern times" what tune to sing at your sendoff. Even if you're David Letterman —Peter Weber