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1. Tweexy Nail Polish Holder ($14.95)

"Painting your nails while lying in bed will never be the same again," says Brooke Shunatona at Cosmopolitan. This ingenious gizmo slips onto two fingers to hold a nail polish bottle upright on the back of your hand while you dab and brush. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Apolis Civilian Travel Suit ($468)

Linen that doesn't wrinkle? This "stylish, comfortable" three-button suit is made in Portugal from a durable, lightweight linen that holds up well to travel and years of wear. Available in gray or navy, it's even machine-washable. Buy it at Apolis.

3. Simplehuman Wide-View Sensor Mirror ($400)

For applying makeup, "nothing's better than natural light," says Mi-Anne Chan at Refinery29. This pricey mirror simulates natural light at any hour, but it can also give you an accurate preview of what you'll look like in candlelight or in the exact lighting of your office. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Bittersweet by Maria Shireen ($45)

Every woman with long hair knows: Wearing a hair tie around your wrist is incredibly useful but "looks tacky," according to JustLuxe. But not with Maria Shireen's gold, silver, and plated bracelets each with a groove for a hair band — ­convenience with panache! Buy it at Amazon.

5. Roshambo Baby Shades ($20)

Infants have fashion needs, too. Protect their eyes from damaging UV rays with these dur­able sunglasses that can be bent, stretched, and chewed on without losing their shape. Avail­a­ble for ages 0–2, plus 3–12. Buy it at Roshambo.