1. All-Clad Prep & Cook ($1,000)

Think of this ambitious gadget as a food processor that cooks. It's adept at making risotto and tricky sauces like hollandaise, and it can also dice, stir, knead, and slow cook. A warning, though: It's bulky, expensive, and not entirely reliable with all tasks. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer ($459)

For juice hounds who'll use it daily, this "super-pretty" cold-press juicer is worth its cost. Though carrots cause clogging, it extracts a lot of juice from veggies and fruits, and comes with several useful add-ons. Buy it at Amazon.

3. June Intelligent Oven ($1,495)

The smartest convection oven ever uses a built-in camera to recognize food and cook it accordingly. On "tricky proteins" like chicken, a digital thermometer checks doneness, and the oven learns over time. Now if only June, a startup, could keep up with demand. Buy it at June Oven.

4. The Alchema ($500)

Why should beer be the only beverage that can be brewed at home on a countertop? With minimal ingredients and the push of a button, the Alchema can make hard cider in one to two weeks, mead in less than a week, and wine in about four months. Buy it at Alchema.

5. Philips Airfryer ($200)

Popular but unnecessary, air fryers promise to "fry" food using little or no oil. A convection oven will do the same job better, but if you want a slightly quicker way to bake french fries, choose the Philips HD9641. It at least cooks fairly evenly. Buy it at Amazon.

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