This week's question: The average nine-inning Major League Baseball game lasted a record 3 hours, 5 minutes this season, up from 2 hours and 46 minutes in 2005. Please come with a medical term to describe the fatigue felt by fans when a baseball game creeps into the third hour.

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THE WINNER: "Louisville sluggish"
Kim Doyle, Woolwich, Maine

SECOND PLACE: "Bat-atonic"
D. McSwain, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

THIRD PLACE: "Seventh inning kvetch"
Peter W. Reichert, Richmond, California


"Ty Clobbered"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"Restless league syndrome"
Deborah Gandolfo, Kirkland, Washington

"Bladder up"
Bill Doughty, Honolulu

"America’s past-bedtime"
David P. Simmons, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Phyllis Klein, New York City

"The dold-runs"
Jim Kulakoski, Port Orange, Florida

"A fatigue of their own"
Bob Latham, Dallas

Dan Larkin, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

Chip Rollinson, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ken Liebman, Williston, Vermont

"Spring draining"
Beth Simon, Oakland, California

"19th inning nervous breakdown"
Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts

"Beg-inning-to-end syndrome"
Peter Gordon, Great Neck, New York

"Major league fatigue"
Bill Mistele, New City, New York