1. King Arthur Flour Fresh Sourdough Starter ($9)

"Sourdough baking can be challenging, to say the least," writes Sarah Jampel at Bon Appetit. This starter-in-a-jar takes the stress out of creating a fermented dough, and because it descends from a strain that's over 100 years old, "you know it's going to be bubbly, active, and reliable." Buy it at King Arthur Flour.

2. Silpat Half-Size Baking Mat ($21)

Don't want to fuss with parchment paper? Place this French-made mat on a baking sheet to create a nonstick surface. Made of ­dishwasher-safe silicone embedded with heat-conducting fiberglass, the Silpat "performs beautifully." Buy it at Amazon.

3. Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling Pin ($27)

Tapered, French-style rolling pins offer far better control than pins with handles, and they're also easier to clean. This 23-inch maple pin is "ideal for rolling rounds of crust for pie," writes Hannah Kirshner at The Wirecutter, and it's "sturdy enough to last a lifetime." Buy it at Whetstone Woodenware.

4. Jenaluca Cookie Scoop ($18)

A sturdy portion scoop is the secret to making trays of uniform-size cookies quickly. And once you have one, you might also reach for it when making cupcakes, muffins, or meatballs. Available in three sizes or as a three-piece set. Buy it at Amazon.

5. CDN TM8 Multi-Task Timer ($16)

This trusty little kitchen timer "will become your handy sidekick," writes Zoë Sessums at Bon Appetit. The TM8 can clip to an apron, stick to a fridge, and track multiple tasks at once. After ringing, it begins counting up, so you know how much time has elapsed. Buy it at Amazon.

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