1. The QOR360 Ariel ($375)

Tired of your standing desk? This "active stool" designed by a former trauma surgeon has a patented rocker seat that promotes constant motion. The Ariel also puts your knees below your hips in a way that encourages good posture and increases circulation. Buy it at QOR360.

2. Logitech MX Ergo ($100)

Logitech's innovative trackball mouse features a hinge on its base that allows you to tilt it by 20 degrees, reducing the wrist twisting that causes carpal tunnel syndrome. You've probably never tried a more comfortable "horizontal" mouse. Buy it at Logitech.

3. Microsoft Sculpt ($89)

You could choose a fully split keyboard to better address shoulder strain, but the affordable Sculpt is "a great keyboard if you're just testing the ergonomic waters," writes Melanie Pinola at The Wirecutter. It tilts your hands properly and "feels natural to use straight out of the box." Buy it at Amazon.

4. Datexx TimeCube Classic ($25)

Most of us need reminders to leave our desks and move around more often. To limit sedentary time to 20-­minute spans, simply set the ­TimeCube down with the "20" up; its "forceful but not abrasive" beeps will stir you. Buy it at DateXX.com.

5. Rain Design mStand ($45)

If you work full-time on a laptop, it's probably time for a laptop stand. This one isn't adjustable or portable. But the angle is perfect, it "has some serious heft to it," and its anodized aluminum finish is very Apple. Buy it at Amazon.

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