1. Herman Miller Aeron ($1,445)

The gold standard for ergonomic office chairs "may be the symbol of dot-com excess, but there's a good reason for that: It is damn comfortable," writes Richard Baguley at Tom's Guide. After years of fine tuning, the Aeron is "a marvel of material engineering"; even the fabric tension is adjustable. Buy it at Herman Miller.

2. Steelcase Leap ($772)

Steelcase's "supremely comfortable" throne features a "live back" that flexes around the contours of the user's spine. You can adjust the seat depth, tilt resistance, and lumbar support, and once you're dialed in, "the initial comfort doesn't wear off," writes Simon Hill at Business Insider. Buy it at Steelcase.

3. HON Ignition 2.0 ($350)

This mesh-back budget option "offers the best lumbar support of any chair under $500," per The Wirecutter. It also offers many of the adjustments provided by premium chairs, and its smooth-rolling casters and firm armrests are uncommon at this price point. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Staples FlexFit Hyken Task Chair ($170)

Don't sleep on Staples, whose own mesh task chair is surprisingly comfortable. "It isn't the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, or style, but it's a perfectly good option for most people," per Louryn Strampe at Wired, especially anyone trying not to spend more than $200. Buy it at Staples.

5. Laura Davidson Soho Management Chair ($295)

At under $300, this style-first chair "almost feels like an unfair secret," writes Daniel Varghese at GQ. It lacks full adjustability, but its leatherette cushions come in seven different colors and the aluminum arms can easily be detached or reattached. Buy it at Laura Davidson Direct.

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