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Allen Weisselberg removed as officer of Trump Organization subsidiaries

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who was recently indicted for allegedly running a 15-year tax fraud scheme, has been removed as an officer at some of the company's subsidiaries, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Weisselberg has worked for the Trump family since 1973, and while it's expected he will stay on at the company, the organization's leaders have been discussing possibly changing Weisselberg's title, duties, and responsibilities, people familiar with the matter told the Journal

Florida Department of State business records show Weisselberg was previously listed as treasurer, director, vice president, and secretary of the Trump Payroll Corp., which processes payroll for Trump Organization staff and is also facing charges in the same criminal case as Weisselberg. Now, Donald Trump Jr. is listed as executive vice president, director, secretary, treasurer, and vice president, while his younger brother, Eric Trump, is named president, director, and chairman.

Additionally, Weisselberg was removed last week as director of Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited, which is connected to former President Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland. Daniel Zelenko, a former federal prosecutor, told the Journal if an indicted chief financial officer is kept in their position, "How are insurers and lenders going to rely on what the CFO tells them? It creates a lot of challenges for a company continuing to do business." 

Weisselberg, the Trump Organization, and the Trump Payroll Corp. have pleaded not guilty in their case. If convicted of the top charge he's facing, second-degree grand larceny, Weisselberg, 73, could spend 15 years in prison.