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Climate protesters flood Rome amid G-20 summit

Combating climate change is a major focus at this weekend's G-20 summit in Rome — not only among the world leaders gathered, but for the scores of protesters who have flooded the streets to call for stronger action.

Global leaders meeting for the first time in two years have an ambitious agenda for the weekend, and started by all endorsing a global minimum corporate tax. The focus then turned to climate change, a welcome subject for the estimated thousands of protesters in Italy who are pushing for even stronger government commitments to climate justice, reports CNN. Italian authorities bolstered security measures to account for the weekend's protesters, blocking traffic around the G-20 venue and deploying 5,000 police officers to the area. Climate change activists blocking a main road near the G20 venue were forcibly removed by police on Saturday morning, police told CNN. In addition to climate protesters, demonstrators also include vaccine equity advocates, and workers who lost their jobs to globalization.

Several public figures have chimed in on climate measures related to the weekend's summits: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said G-20 is a chance to "put things on track" in avoiding "climate catastrophe," while U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted there is "no chance" leaders will so quickly land on an agreement to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

After the G-20 events, President Biden will head to COP26, a United Nations climate summit, where he will give a major address on climate issues. Read more at CNN.