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Snapchat users are reportedly more vaccine hesitant than Fox News viewers

Compared to 15 other news channels, newspapers, and social media platforms, Snapchat users, at 35 percent, are the most likely to say they're skipping vaccination, polling from Morning Consult reveals. Next in line are Instagram users, at 31 percent, and Reddit and Facebook users, both at 30 percent.

Notably, Fox News viewers are currently more likely than users of all four previously mentioned social platforms to get vaccinated, with a reported 27 percent of viewers saying they'd probably or definitely forgo the shot — down from a 37-percent high in mid-March, reports Morning Consult.

Vaccine hesitancy poll.

Morning Consult.

On the other hand, CNN viewers are the most likely of the group to say they've already been vaccinated, at 75 percent.

Morning Consult surveyed samples of 26,675 to 43,054 adults each from Mar. 10-Aug. 2, 2021. Results have a margin of error of one percent. See more results at Morning Consult.