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A majority of college students support on-campus vaccine mandates

A majority of college students gearing up for a school year sponsored by the highly-infectious Delta variant said they support on-campus COVID-19 vaccine mandates at their university, a new Generation Lab/Axios poll reveals.

As 73 percent of respondents believed their school should implement vaccination requirements, 52 percent said their schools already had. Relatedly, 86 percent said they were fully vaccinated, per Axios.

And when it came to activities and social interactions, most surveyed students — 61 percent — said their university should definitely or probably impose restrictions on large gatherings, while 55 percent said they would not consider indoor parties, drinking games, close-talking without masks, and other related going-out activities to be safe, assuming the vaccination status of those around them was unknown.

Generation Lab surveyed 846 students from two-year and four-year colleges from August 11-13, 2021. Results have a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points. See more results at Axios.