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Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 'feels well' after testing positive for COVID

Former Israeli Prime Minister and current opposition party leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday tested positive for COVID, The New York Times and the Jerusalem Post report.

A party spokesperson said Netanyahu, 72, "feels well," and has been following Israel's coronavirus guidelines, per the Times. It is Netanyahu's first time contracting the virus, the Jerusalem Post adds.

Current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took to Twitter to wish his predecessor well, writing that he hopes for a "complete healing and speedy recovery," according to Google Translate. "Feel good!" he added. Bennett has never tested positive for COVID, per the Jerusalem Post.

Israel is just now rebounding from an Omicron-variant-led wave of COVID infections, "which saw confirmed cases soar to nearly 100,000 a day," the Times reports. The daily average has now dropped to about 6,500.