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Infrastructure bill could be done 'well before' Build Back Better, confirms Rep. Jayapal

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) told CNN's John Berman that her caucus is ready to pass both parts of President Biden's sweeping economic agenda — the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure framework, as well as the Build Back Better act — the former of which she believes will likely be done "well before" the latter.

While appearing on New Day Tuesday morning, one day after a noncommittal presser from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Jayapal said her progressive caucus was "finally at the place we have been asking for — demanding over the last several months — which is two bills moving together in the House and we'll get them both done." Earlier in the interview, the leader said there will be votes "this week" on both pieces of Biden's agenda, meaning the infrastructure bill would presumably soon move to the president's desk while the $1.75 trillion spending package heads to the Senate. The leader had shared similar sentiments on Monday.

When Berman then replied "so this does mean though that infrastructure could be done — will be done — well before Build Back Better?", Jayapal quickly answered "yes."

She continued: "My hope and belief in talking to the Senate majority leader, talking to other senators, talking to the president is that the Senate will move this forward very quickly. Hopefully we can get it done before Thanksgiving, and we will have this transformative piece of legislation" that invests in a multitude of social infrastructure programs.

The concession from the progressive caucus is notable, considering the group had long refused to take up the infrastructure bill without confirmation the social package would pass in the Senate. Now, however, Jayapal said she trusts Biden to deliver 51 votes.

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