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Biden officials reportedly fear surge in Twitter misinformation under Elon Musk

Biden administration officials and Democratic strategists are reportedly fretting over the implications of an Elon Musk-owned Twitter, fearful his ownership could exacerbate platform misinformation or even impact the 2024 presidential race, CNBC reports.

On Monday, Twitter announced it had officially accepted Musk's proposal to buy the company at $54.20 a share. The Tesla CEO plans to take the company private and, he says, turn it into the world's premier platform for "free speech."

Officials are said to be closely watching the deal, more than half a dozen advisers to President Biden tell CNBC. And some are reportedly growing "increasingly concerned" Musk will reinstate the accounts of former President Donald Trump and other banned Republican officials, like ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell. Musk has not explicitly commented on the possibility of a Trump return, nor is it clear if it's something he's even considering. 

Members of Biden's "inner circle" as well as party strategists are also apparently concerned about platform misinformation under Musk, especially ahead of the 2024 election, which could result in a Biden-Trump rematch, CNBC reports. Former President Barack Obama is reportedly among the Biden allies worried about a Trump return.

Musk is "a great engineer and businessman but I would not trust him with my daughter let alone the millions of people who rely on Twitter for information," said one Democratic strategist.

Powell, for one, told CNBC in an email that she would consider trying to reinstate her Twitter account should the deal with Musk close. "I would consider returning," she said, "and I'm delighted someone interested in free speech is interested in reclaiming Twitter in the name of truth and freedom."

Trump, meanwhile, doesn't appear interested in an invitation back online.