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Jimmy Kimmel found Kim Jong Un his new 'assistant dictator'

To ease you back into a post-pandemic social life, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a color-coded alert system on Thursday's Kimmel Live to help you determine who you should see as soon as possible, who you can put on hold for a while, and who you never need to see again. He also mocked a Connecticut state lawmaker who went viral for tippling a little too hard at work and noted that North Korea's Kim Jong Un just appointed a new No. 2. 

"I'm not a historian, but do countries usually have an assistant dictator?" Kimmel asked. North Korea released a photo of this new second-in-command, and Kimmel might have made a substitution. "Wait a minute, I know that guy," he said. "I guess he was looking for a healthier work environment after Trump."

Meanwhile, to celebrate first lady Jill Biden's 70th birthday, Kimmel sent a crew out to Hollywood Boulevard, where nobody recognized her photo, even when President Biden was included.