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'true story'

Biden jokingly recalls Bob Dole's unwavering honesty during tribute to late senator: 'God, I love the guy'

President Biden shared a heartwarming memory during Friday's funeral service for former Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kansas), who passed away Sunday at the age of 98.

While delivering a tribute to the late senator, Biden recalled a time when Dole — a man Biden described as "almost too honest" — cast a deciding vote against his own party in favor of funding Biden's beloved Amtrak. 

When presumably asked why he voted the way he did even though it angered his fellow Republicans, Dole replied, "It's the best way to get Joe Biden the hell out of here at night," according to Biden. The crowd erupted in laughter. 

"Absolutely true story," the president continued. "God, I love the guy."

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