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Kanye West reportedly showed explicit photos of Kim Kardashian to employees

Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, has been accused of repeatedly showing employees pornographic videos and explicit images in the workplace — including of his own wife. 

That's according to a new report from Rolling Stone, which cites former Yeezy and Adidas staffers who allege Ye showed pornography during meetings on multiple occasions and shared "explicit video and photos" of Kim Kardashian, his wife at the time. 

In one incident, the report describes a job interview Ye conducted in 2018, during which he allegedly pulled out his phone and announced "my wife just sent me this" before showing a "very revealing" photo of Kardashian. In another 2018 incident, West allegedly showed an explicit video of Kardashian to Yeezy creative team members, Rolling Stone reports, and two creatives alleged Ye also showed them his own "homemade sex tapes." 

This was part of an alleged pattern of behavior that involved Ye making people he worked with uncomfortable by showing them pornographic images, an apparent intimidation tactic, as the report outlines. One former staffer recalled staffers walking out of a meeting after Ye "pulled up MILF porn" and said the "feeling that you get when you watch this" is "what I want people to feel when they put on our shoes."

This report, which comes as the fallout from Ye's string of antisemitic remarks continues, lines up with a 30-minute video the rapper released on YouTube, in which he shows Adidas executives pornography during a business meeting. "Is this a porn movie?" one of the men in the video asks. Ye claimed in September that "pornography destroyed my family." 

Adidas has since severed ties with Ye over his antisemitic comments. But according to Rolling Stone, former Yeezy team members are accusing the company of being aware of the rapper's "problematic behavior" before this and turning "their moral compass off." Read the full report at Rolling Stone.