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10-year-old starts recycling program to help fund clean water initiative

Josiah Colton is spreading the word about how everyone can do their part to protect the planet.

The 10-year-old from New York uses social media to share eco-friendly tips on everything from ways to conserve energy and water to best gardening practices. He's also an entrepreneur — in 2018, he started a recycling program called J Go Green, and every Saturday, he collects bottles and cans from local businesses. Colton gives 10 percent of the proceeds to Charity Water, a nonprofit working to ensure that no one goes without clean water.  

Colton decided to start donating to the charity after he saw a video showing people drinking dirty water out of a river; he believes everyone deserves clean water, and felt inspired to help. Charity Water recently honored Colton by naming him a Tiny Hero, a badge he wears proudly. "I'm helping the Earth, and I feel very good about that," Colton told Good Morning America.