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Skills are learned and memories made at hair-braiding class for dads

Preconceived notions were shattered during Annis Waugh's hair-braiding class for dads.

Waugh owns Braid Maidens in St. Albans, England, and has been offering hair-braiding lessons for about a year. As part of a fundraiser for a local elementary school, Waugh set up workshops for parents, and after realizing she had never had a man enroll in any of her hair-braiding classes, she designed a course called "Beers and Braids," hoping that it would appeal to dads.

Almost immediately, the class sold out, with dozens of fathers signing up for the waiting list. Waugh taught the dads about hair textures and types, and demonstrated brushing and braiding techniques. The men practiced on plastic heads, and "were super engaged and really enthusiastic learners," Waugh told The Washington Post.

John Hardern signed up for the class so he could help his four daughters get ready for school in the morning. He told the Post learning how to braid hair with other dads boosted his confidence, and his kids love how their styles turn out. "It shouldn't just be one gender doing stuff like this," Hardern said. "The more we do and share the load, the better it is for my daughters."

Waugh is happy with how the workshop turned out, and believes the children "will remember their dad doing their hair before school. I think if I can pass that one to a few more people, by way of a little braiding legacy, then I'll be really happy."