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Police 'struggling to track down' person behind almost 6 months of 911 calls to Jennifer Lopez's house

Much to the chagrin of the LAPD, someone won't stop calling the cops to Jenny's block. 

Police are continuing to be "flooded" with "bogus" 911 calls telling them to go to Jennifer Lopez's home in Los Angeles, something that has been happening for almost six months, TMZ reports. The 911 caller will reportedly make complaints like that there's "disturbing noise" coming from the singer's house, only for police to arrive there and find no disturbance. 

"Cops are struggling to track down the 911 callers because the calls aren't coming from a landline — and the bogus calls have become a huge waste of time and manpower," TMZ writes

TMZ previously reported back in March that the Los Angeles Police Department had been flooded with at least 15 of these 911 calls. Sources told the outlet at the time that this all began shortly after Lopez sang at President Biden's inauguration in January, prompting the theory that the calls could potentially have been politically motivated. 

Since then, the 911 calls have reportedly continued coming in, and TMZ writes that Lopez's security is working with the LAPD to "solve the mystery." For now, it seems the caller or callers remain at large.