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hurricane ida fallout

New Orleans starts to get some power back after Hurricane Ida

Three days after Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana and knocked out power throughout New Orleans, for some, the lights are slowly starting to come on. 

Entergy said Wednesday that early in the morning, its crews restored power for "some customers in Eastern New Orleans," which it described as a "sign of hope" and the "first step in bringing power back to the metro region." 

Still, according to The New York Times, most of the city, as well as almost one million people throughout Louisiana, remains without power. Entergy's outage map on Wednesday showed a few areas of green throughout the city where power had been restored. 

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane, and on Sunday, Entergy New Orleans said that "catastrophic transmission damage" had resulted in power being knocked out for the entire city. The energy company also warned that those in the storm's direct path could potentially be without power for up to three weeks. Without providing an exact timeline, on Wednesday, Entergy said that "full restoration will still take time given the significant damage across the region."