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Matthew McConaughey won't say 'no forever' to running for office

Matthew McConaughey decided not to jump into Texas' 2022 governor's race, but he hasn't ruled out a future in politics entirely.

The actor spoke on the Today show Wednesday about his decision not to run for governor of Texas, explaining that after considering a bid, he determined his "category of leadership going forward I think needs to stay in the storytelling realm." But McConaughey said he's "so happy" he went through the process of exploring a run for governor and that he's not taking a run for office off the table.

"I'm not going to say no forever, absolutely not," he said, adding that "politics is a sacred spot that I have great honor for." 

In announcing that he wouldn't enter the Texas governor's race, McConaughey said last month that this was a "humbling and inspiring path to ponder" but one he wouldn't be taking "at this moment." His announcement came two weeks before the filing deadline in the race and after polls showed him leading Gov. Greg Abbott (R). 

McConaughey also spoke about his decision on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, noting that it was a "two-year consideration." When Fallon asked if he was ruling out a future bid, though, he said he's "not until I am," adding he'll be "keeping an eye open."