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West Side Story star Rachel Zegler invited to the Oscars after backlash

Rachel Zegler won't have to cheer on West Side Story from her couch after all. 

Zegler, who plays Maria in West Side Storyrecently revealed she wasn't invited to Sunday's Academy Awards, despite being one of the leads of a movie nominated for Best Picture. But now, The Hollywood Reporter says the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited Zegler to come as a presenter. 

News that Zegler hadn't been invited to the Oscars prompted backlash and questions as to how someone with such a prominent role in a movie with seven nominations could be forced to watch the show on TV. Though criticism was directed at the Academy, Variety pointed out the blame likely fell more on Disney, as the Academy gives each film studio a certain number of tickets to the Oscars that are then distributed. 

It still wasn't clear why Zegler hadn't received one, though there was speculation Disney may not have wanted her to travel to the awards show because she's currently shooting the live-action Snow White in London. "To fly her back to Los Angeles might jeopardize Snow White, something Disney isn't keen on," The Wrap reported, noting the set could have to shut down if she were to get sick with COVID-19. 

But the Reporter now says that "efforts are being undertaken to rearrange the film's shooting schedule to enable Zegler to be at the Oscars." The report didn't make clear whether Zegler has accepted the invitation. 

On Instagram, Zegler previously suggested she attempted to get an invite but was unsuccessful, writing, "I have tried it all but it doesn't seem to be happening." After the backlash against the Academy and Disney, Zegler said she appreciated "all the support" while noting she was "currently shooting in London," appearing to imply this was a factor. 

"Let's all just respect the process," she wrote, "and I'll get off my phone."