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Yankees' Josh Donaldson suspended after calling Black player 'Jackie'

Josh Donaldson of the New York Yankees has been suspended over "disrespectful" comments directed toward another player. 

Major League Baseball said Donaldson, a third baseman for the Yankees, has received a one game suspension after he called White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, who is Black, "Jackie," referring to Jackie Robinson. Donaldson has also been fined an undisclosed amount. 

"Regardless of Mr. Donaldson's intent, the comment he directed toward Mr. Anderson was disrespectful and in poor judgment, particularly when viewed in the context of their prior interactions," MLB senior vice president for on-field operations Michael Hill said. "In addition, Mr. Donaldson's remark was a contributing factor in a bench-clearing incident between the teams, and warrants discipline."

Anderson called the remark "disrespectful," and White Sox manager Tony La Russa said it was a "racist comment." Donaldson said he was referencing an interview Anderson gave where he referred to himself as "today's Jackie Robinson," and he is appealing the suspension.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he disagreed with the decision to suspend Donaldson. "I don't think it warranted a suspension," he said, "but I certainly respect their process."