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'it's shameful'

Gavin Newsom tells Republicans claiming voter fraud to 'grow up'

Before the polls closed on Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) delivered a message to Republicans who claim widespread voter fraud is an issue in the state's recall election: "Grow up."

Newsom told reporters in San Francisco that it was "embarrassing" to even have to respond to baseless accusations of voter fraud. Earlier in the day, former President Donald Trump told Newsmax that the election was "probably rigged," while a website for Republican candidate Larry Elder asked voters to sign a petition "demanding" an investigation into his loss days before the election was even held.

"This election fraud stuff is a crock," Newsom said. "It's shameful. ... As an American, I'm ashamed. I'm disgusted by it. Stop. Grow up. These people literally are vandalizing our democracy, trust in our institutions. ... I care too much about this country. We're debating democracy in America right now. This big lie, I mean, this insurrection — what the hell's wrong with these folks? Grow up. Accept the results."

Claims of voter fraud are "fantasy," Newsom said. "They're making stuff up, and it's hurting our country. Forget this election — guys like me come and go. We're a dime a dozen, politicians. Quite literally, a dime a dozen. It's about our institutions. It's about this nation. It's about trust and confidence. It's about who we are. It's about citizens feeling empowered and that their voice matters." Do not, he added, allow these voter fraud allegations to "be normalized."