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Sen. Tim Kaine arrives at the Capitol after nearly 27 hours on snowy I-95

After his two-hour commute turned into a nearly 27-hour slog, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) finally made it to Washington, D.C.

"Very happy to be back in the Capitol and working on voting rights legislation this afternoon," Kaine tweeted upon his arrival on Tuesday afternoon.

The senator was one of many motorists trapped overnight in standstill traffic and freezing temperatures on snowy Interstate 95 following a Monday storm that pummeled the greater D.C. area, NBC News reports. A multi-vehicle crash is said to have first brought cars on the nearly 50-mile stretch of interstate to a halt. Many were traveling without food or water, and had kids or pets in their cars.

"The only thing I ate was one orange, and the only liquid I had was one 16-ounce Dr. Pepper," Kaine said of his journey, which he began at 1 p.m. on Monday. When he finally arrived back at his office, the senator then reportedly opted to chow down on "some peanuts and water."

Good god, someone get this man to a buffet.