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Former GOP congresswoman calls Texas abortion ban a 'bad policy and a bad law'

Texas' strict new abortion is law is receiving backlash from not only Democrats, but some members of the Republican Party, as well.

Take, for instance, former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), who identifies as pro-life. On Sunday she appeared on NBC's Meet the Press, where she called the law, which allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion after six weeks, a "blunder." Comstock's issue with the law is that it outsources enforcement to "private parties." She said she's "confident" that it ultimately won't stand because "it's bad policy and it's bad law," and she thinks there are voices within the GOP that can more effectively promote a pro-life agenda by "helping women with tough pregnancies and kids who have disabilities." 

Later on Meet the Press, GOP strategist Brendan Buck also lambasted the "asinine" Texas law, which he argued could backfire on Republicans. "What stops a California from banning guns by saying you can sue anybody who owns one," he said. "There's nothing conservative about how this is set up."