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News stories about the U.S. sharing intel with Ukraine are counterproductive, Biden tells officials

President Biden told senior intelligence and defense officials on Friday that news stories about the U.S. sharing intelligence with Ukraine to aid in the fight against Russia have been counterproductive and that the leaks should stop, NBC News reported.

In recent weeks, NBC News and The New York Times have reported that U.S. intelligence helped Ukraine sink Russia's Black Sea flagship, kill multiple Russian generals, and shoot down a transport plane carrying hundreds of Russian troops.

U.S. officials have denied involvement in the first two incidents.

On Thursday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Biden administration officials of seeking to escalate the war by "bragging about" sharing intelligence that helps Ukraine kill Russian soldiers. "Why would you tell people you are doing that? There is only one reason: because you want war with Russia," Carlson said.

According to NBC News, some administration officials have also expressed concerns that public disclosures about intelligence sharing could provoke Russia.