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Jon Stewart welcomes back Congress by dancing on ex-Rep. Michael Grimm's political grave

On Tuesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart kicked things off by calling the newly sworn-in 114th Congress lazy and as popular as a certain sexually transmitted disease. (Watch here) In the second part of the show, he focused on the one member of the 114th who will never get sworn in, because he resigned, effective Monday, after pleading guilty to federal tax fraud.

Stewart has poked fun at Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) at least twice before — after his indictment and when he threatened to throw a NY1 reporter off the Capitol balcony on live TV — and he got a little nostalgic during what is probably his last report on the Staten Island Republican. ("I'm going to miss you, sweet boy-breaking prince.") But Stewart still found time to mock Grimm's explanation for how he bilked the IRS of $1 million, make fun of Staten Island with Jason Jones, and cringe that the $1 million special election to replace Grimm will probably result in a big promotion for the district attorney who didn't prosecute the cop who fatally choked Eric Garner. --Peter Weber