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Report: Most current jobs won't exist in 10 years

Most people today use computers at least in part to perform tasks for their jobs, but a new report by the Department of Labor predicts that computers, robots, and other forms of artificial intelligence will completely take over many of our jobs in 10 years.

"65 percent of the jobs in 10 years have not been invented yet," The Washington Post boldly states. Included among the jobs that employment specialists predict will be in demand in the future are: IT specialists (web developers, database administrators, security analysts and the like), engineers, accountants, lawyers, healthcare professionals, and construction workers.

Agricultural workers, postal service workers, and data entry clerks make the list of workers who will likely be obsolete, since their duties are considered a "process" and could easily be performed by high-tech computers.

David Tuffley, a lecturer in applied ethics and socio-technical Studies at Griffith University who authored the Post piece, recommends that workers looking to be more employable in the robot age become essentially more human. Creative skills, curiosity, and the ability to look for solutions in an unorthodox way will make the human mind a prized commodity in the face of an automated future.