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What we know so far about the killing of Antonio Martin

Protests in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley, Missouri, continued to flare up in the second day since the fatal shooting by a white police officer of Antonio Martin, an 18-year-old black teen brandishing a gun. Protesters marched on Interstate 170, blocking traffic for roughly 45 minutes before holding vigil at the gas station where Martin was shot. Berkeley is mere miles away from Ferguson, where Michael Brown was shot in August, though the details of what led to Martin's death are still being investigated.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis County Police released additional security camera footage from different angles that captured parts of the incident. Here's one new angle below:

The officer involved in the shooting was reportedly given a body camera before he left on patrol, but he wasn't wearing it during the shooting for reasons that are unclear, though County Police Chief Jon Belmar said it was because he was likely distracted when a supervisor gave it to him. The officer's dashboard camera also wasn't recording, because the cruiser's emergency lights hadn't been activated.

Police have confirmed that Martin had a loaded 9mm handgun, which they recovered at the scene, and that he pointed it at the officer, though he did not fire any shots.

Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins, who is black, was careful to point out that the Antonio Martin shooting is different than the shooting of Michael Brown, who was unarmed, in Ferguson in August. "We reviewed the video and it appears that there was a gun pointed at the officer before the officer fired," Hoskins said, adding that it does not appear that the officer initiated the incident.

"I will not tolerate brutality of any policeman on our citizens," Hoskins told CNN. He added that people can "rest assured that I will investigate this independently and make a complete report to the community."