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Icelandic hotel is really sorry for selling 'Apartheid' cocktail

The Hotel Reykjavik Marina, owned by Icelandair, found itself in a social media scandal when Twitter users noticed an "Apartheid" cocktail on the hotel menu.

When the image was first spotted on Twitter, Icelandair responded, "Simply scrumptious, enjoy! Happy holidays," unaware of the situation.

Icelandair later issued a full apology, saying a staff member was "unaware" that apartheid signified South Africa's system of racial segregation in the 20th century. Evidently, the employee "thought the word just meant 'separation' and did not understand the connotation and historical signficance."

The drink has been taken off the menu — but if you're wondering just what Apartheid tastes like, the cocktail apparently included vodka, stout liqueur, cream, and roasted hazelnuts.