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Team America...

Texas movie theater has found a pretty splashy replacement for Sony's The Interview

Sony Pictures is going to take a bath on The Interview — the (probably prudent) decision to pull the Seth Rogen–James Franco comedy before its Dec. 25 opening is terrible for the studio's bottom line and public image. But that's Sony's problem. Theater chains big and small have a hole to fill in their release schedule. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Dallas has decided on its replacement: A free showing of 2004's Team America: World Police.

Both movies paint an unflattering, if cartoonish, picture of the reigning Dear Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il in 2004 and his son, Kim Jong Un, in 2014. Team America, though, is distributed by Sony Pictures rival Paramount.

"We're just trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation," Alamo's James Wallace tells The Hollywood Reporter. On the Dallas location's website, the cinema notes that its "Action Pack" quote-along — ostensibly to celebrate Team America's 10th anniversary — will include free American flags, streamers, and balloons in patriotic hues. "And THAT is how true American heroes will be celebrating this year," Alamo DFW says, "but if you want to let the terrorists win... well, that's your prerogative." Because Texas.