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Google's 'Year in Search' reveals 2014's trending searches

Google's 'Year in Search' reveals 2014's trending searches

Google has released its annual search trends report, and Robin Williams was the year's top trending search.

The list of trending search terms also included the World Cup, Frozen, and Flappy Bird. Williams led the list of terms that had the largest boosts in search traffic this year, as compared with 2013. The most-searched list, meanwhile, includes more generic terms, like "weather."

To visualize the trending searches, Google made an inspirational video about the year's top Google trends. Even though the list of most-trending searches includes Ebola and ISIS, Google emphasizes that its users consistently search for the term "hope," too. (And congratulations, internet: Benedict Cumberbatch's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge also made it into Google's video.) --Meghan DeMaria