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This Kickstarter project combines the nostalgia of typewriters with cloud storage

Have you ever wished you could use a good old-fashioned typewriter without worrying about backing up your writing?

With a new Kickstarter project, that just might be possible. The Hemingwrite, created by entrepreneurs Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul, features a typewriter-style keyboard, but it connects to WiFi to store writing in the cloud. There's no surfing the web, though — the WiFi is only there to back up your documents. And if you really want to go old-fashioned, you can turn the WiFi backup off.

Leeb and Paul are hoping to raise $250,000 to turn the Hemingwrite into a marketable product. They've already built a prototype of the machine, with a six-inch e-ink display and a mechanical keyboard. The machine can also print out your writing, and comes with a rechargeable battery. If you want a Hemingwrite of your own, it costs $349 now and will be $499 if it reaches general sale.