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Amsterdam to start selling drug testing kits after 'white heroin' kills tourists

After three British tourists died from snorting what they thought was cocaine, head shops in Amsterdam (called "smart shops") will start selling kits to test drugs for heroin.

The inexpensive kits will be also be available for purchase through street teams, Amsterdam's Het Parool reports. The tourists, all in their early 20s, were found dead after ingesting what turned out to be "white heroin," Agence France Presse reports. At least 17 other visitors have required medical assistance after suffering from respiratory failure, police say.

Electronic signs have been put up around Amsterdam, warning people that "extremely dangerous cocaine is being sold to tourists," and Amsterdam's mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, is hopeful that the tests will help prevent more deaths. He doesn't see selling the kits as a show of support for doing drugs. "Not doing anything would be bad for the city," he said. "Amsterdam will do anything to prevent more victims. This is the least we can do."