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That escalated quickly

College students heckle Rick Perry about same-sex marriage

In light of the fact that he's "preparing" to run for president in 2016, Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) got his first round of tough questions when he stopped by Dartmouth College. While Perry's stated agenda included "border security, energy initiatives, and foreign policy," according to student newspaper The Dartmouth, students took advantage of the Q&A portion of the night to delve into Perry's stance on gay marriage. Specifically, they wondered, in which of many colorful circumstances might Perry indulge in anal sex?

The suggested questions, which used vulgar terms to skewer Perry's anti-marriage equality stance, were distributed by a Dartmouth sophomore, while a senior apparently asked the governor whether he would have anal sex in exchange for $102 million in campaign funding. Read more on Perry's appearance at the school here.