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Healthcare Battle

White House: ObamaCare lawsuit 'just another partisan attempt to undermine' health care

The White House has released a very strongly-worded statement on the latest legal developments surrounding the Affordable Care Act, after the Supreme Court announced that it will hear a challenge to the subsidies given for health insurance policies in the federal government's exchange markets.

"The ACA is working. These lawsuits won't stand in the way of the Affordable Care Act and the millions of Americans who can now afford health insurance because of it. We are confident that the financial help afforded millions of Americans was the intent of the law and it is working as Congress designed.

"This lawsuit reflects just another partisan attempt to undermine the Affordable Care Act and to strip millions of American families of tax credits that Congress intended for them to have. We will continue to ensure that every American has the peace of mind of having access to affordable insurance. We are confident that the Supreme Court will recognize both the clear reading of the entire law, and the certain intent of Congress in crafting it. Indeed, with uninsured rates plummeting across the country, it’s clear that the Affordable Care Act is already working. American families who have already enrolled, or are planning to sign up during the open enrollment period beginning on November 15th should know that nothing has changed: tax credits and affordable coverage remain available. [The White House]

Opponents say that under the text of the law, federal subsidies can only be given on exchanges set up by individual states, while proponents have argued that this was also intended to be authorized for the exchanges set up by the federal government when a state declined to do so.