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Typhoon Nuri could break records, bring 50-foot waves to Bering Sea

As Typhoon Nuri makes its way north, it could break the record for lowest atmospheric pressure observed in the Bering Sea.

As tropical air hits cold air, the storm's central pressure will move from 970 millibars on Thursday — 1,013 millibars is the normal atmospheric pressure at sea level — to between 918 to 922 MB late Friday, NPR reports. The National Weather Service says "that would create a significant event, as the current record lowest pressure observed in the Bering Sea is 925 MB, measured at Dutch Harbor on Oct. 25, 1977."

The Aleutian Islands are preparing for waves of up to 50 feet, and fishing vessel captain Sig Hanson of the show Deadliest Catch told ABC News that people in the area are also being warned of extreme winds. "From what I'm hearing, we haven't been through anything like that before, at least not in my lifetime," he said. "And I don't want to."