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Jon Stewart mocks the newly anti-gridlock GOP: 'Who the f--k are you people?'

The Democrats took a good electoral beating on Tuesday. Jon Stewart had a more vulgar way of putting it on Wednesday night's Daily Show, but he was bewildered by the GOP's sudden embrace of bipartisanship and ending gridlock right after they picked off control of the Senate. "Who the f--k are you people?" he asked, singling out lead obstructionist Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Democrats came in for their share of abuse, too. Senior Political Analyst Jordan Klepper said that minutes after Republicans won, they proclaimed another "morning in America," with a booming stock market, low unemployment, only one Ebola case, and cheap gas.

When Stewart pointed out that all of those things happened under Obama and the Democratic Senate, Klepper scoffed. "If Democrats had accomplished all of that, they would have been out there bragging about it for months — it would have been the central message of their campaign" Klepper said. Instead, he said, their main message was: "We're sorry — don't be mad! We don't like Obama, either." Klepper's re-appropriation of Obama's famous campaign slogans is worth watching to the end for. --Peter Weber