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Robotic sales help at home improvement stores is a terrible idea. John Oliver and Nick Offerman explain why.

Last week, Lowes unveiled a big innovation for its big-box stores: Robot sales assistants. But "robot assistants are a terrible idea" at home improvement emporiums, John Oliver said on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, and he gave one compelling reason: Your marriage can't handle it.

The real reason hardware stores have sales help is to step in when couples inevitably fight, he explained. "Robots can't do that. They don't realize that home improvement stores are a lethal combination of everything that can ruin a relationship: Spending money, reconciling tastes, long-term planning, and fluorescent lighting." But the robotic misstep at Lowes creates a huge opportunity for its rivals. So Last Week Tonight offered some unsolicited advice for Home Depot, with an assist from Nick Offerman, H. Jon Benjamin, and Sarah Baker. --Peter Weber