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In parts of Sierra Leone, Ebola continues to spread 'frighteningly quickly'

In rural areas of Sierra Leone near the capital, Freetown, an average of 12 new Ebola cases a day were reported in late October, compared to 1.3 in early September, a new report from the Africa Governance Initiative says.

The spread of Ebola is happening "frighteningly quickly" in Sierra Leone, but seems to have slowed down in Liberia, the report adds. In Freetown, the average number of daily cases is six times higher than it was two months ago, and remains a "full-blown crisis."

"The government of Sierra Leone is making real strides in tackling transmission by speeding up access to treatment and safe and dignified burial," Nick Thompson, chief executive of the African Governance Initiative, told Al Jazeera. "But we can't rest until Ebola has nowhere to hide. And we can see from growth in new cases in some rural parts of Sierra Leone that we still have no time to lose if we're going to get on top of this."