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oh, to be rich!

Netflix is rebooting Richie Rich as the inventor of a 'cool new green technology'

When it comes to insanely wealthy children's characters, Richie Rich falls far behind the likes of Jed Clampett or Scrooge McDuck. When he was first introduced, Richie Rich was a fussy little trust-fund kid — the son of parents who loved having money so much that they named their only son after it.

But we now live in a different world — a world in which a kid with a robot maid or a dog covered in dollar signs might seem a little gauche. So Netflix's 21-episode Richie Rich reboot begins with one major change: this time, Richie made his own money.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix has re-conceived Richie (Jake Brennan) as the inventor of a "cool new green technology" that earns him a trillion dollars. Using the money, Richie "moves into a decked-out mansion and instantly starts living the most awesome life ever."

The most awesome life ever? Come on, Richie — you need to attend at least a couple board meetings. Your stockholders are depending on you.