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Feds cut off internet, dress up as technicians to conduct warrantless search

Well, here's one more reason not to trust Comcast: Those internet repairmen at your door may actually be undercover agents — especially if they arrived promptly after the outage occurred. Indeed, Nevada courts are currently considering whether it's legal for the government to cut off your internet or other utilities, dress up as technicians, and then gain entrance to your house to conduct a warrantless search.

Earlier this year, FBI agents did exactly that after becoming suspicious of Chinese gamblers staying in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Per the agents' defense lawyer, the decision was, "We'll dress up as technicians, we'll come inside, we'll claim to be fixing the internet connection — even though we can't, 'cause we broke it from outside — and then we'll just look around and see what we see."

After seeing what they saw, the FBI concluded the Chinese group was doing nothing illegal.