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2014 midterms

Rick Scott says Charlie Crist was 'throwing a fit' before infamous 'Fangate' debate in Florida

In what will one day be known as the whir heard 'round the world, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's (R) campaign for re-election took a bizarre turn last night after he refused to take the debate stage with challenger Charlie Crist (D, formerly I, formerly R) because Crist had brought out a small electric fan to keep himself cool. Scott eventually joined the debate, but the damage was done. Fangate was born, dominating the Florida and national media's coverage of the debate.

Now Scott is trying to turn the tables on Crist, telling reporters this morning that the reason he didn't appear on stage was that Crist "was throwing a fit," which caused him to wait and see if Crist would "show up." This is apparently the politico version of asserting, a la Walter Sobchak, "Calmer than you are."

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