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Obama: The U.S. needs to monitor Ebola in a 'much more aggressive way'

Following a meeting with health officials at the White House, President Obama announced Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will start sending rapid response teams — which the president called medical "SWAT teams" — out within 24 hours of an Ebola diagnosis.

Representatives from the CDC, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense were present at the emergency meeting, ABC News reports. "We're taking this very seriously at the highest level of government," Obama said. The president defended the protocols being used in an attempt to keep Ebola contained, but also said the United States must monitor Ebola in a "much more aggressive way."

Obama canceled his travel plans for Thursday, as did Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who is cutting short an economic development trip to Europe to return to the state and handle the unfolding Ebola situation.