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Colbert Nationalism

Watch Neil Young and Stephen Colbert's amusing point-counterpoint duet about saving the Earth

The last time Neil Young was on The Colbert Report, the singer proposed impeaching then-President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq. This time, Young tells Stephen Colbert that the U.S. should impeach President Obama over fracking. Colbert, the conservative pundit character, isn't opposed to drilling, whatever the environmental cost, and so the two hash out their differences in the only way that makes sense: a duet.

"Who's gonna stand up and save the Earth?" Young sings. Colbert then takes his verses. Here's one: "What if the problem isn't really real? I'm heavily invested, no thanks, Neil. The problem will probably fix itself, if we just drill the continental shelf." If only every political debate had a guitar solo. Watch "Neil Young and Crazy Host" sing out their arguments below. --Peter Weber