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Apple is reportedly shutting down Beats Music

After purchasing Beats Music for an astounding $3 billion in May, Apple is reportedly closing the music streaming service.

TechCrunch interviewed five unnamed sources, including employees of Apple and Beats, who claim that Apple plans to shut down Beats Music. "Many engineers" from Beats Music have been moved to "other projects at Apple," like iTunes, according to the report. TechCrunch also notes that the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus don't come pre-installed with the Beats Music app.

The shutdown is still speculation — an Apple spokesperson told Re/code that the report is "not true," and Beats Music won't be shuttered. The streaming service's future is definitely uncertain, though: Re/code added that while Apple may not shut down Beats Music, it may modify it over time. "Note that Apple does seem pretty pleased with the iTunes brand, which was the focus of its controversial U2 album giveaway this month," says Re/code, and it just doesn't make sense for Apple to simultaneously promote two different music services.