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Climate-change marchers leave behind mounds of trash

Manhattan was the site of this year's People's Climate March — an event that attracted more than 300,000 people. But with hordes of people comes tons of trash, even if the people in question are environmental activists.

One New York resident tweeted her frustration with the mounds of non-biodegradable litter the global warming activists left behind in the Big Apple:

Several witnesses called out the protestors for their apparent hypocrisy. "Tens of thousands of marchers invaded the city on fleets of smog-producing buses," the New York Post reported.

The rally attracted all sorts, from A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio to hippies to "gentrifying hipsters" who "joined forces to decry what they called devastating man-made climate change."

The ensuing snafu was apparently beyond even typical New York City standards, as "the resulting traffic snarls irritated taxi drivers to no end" and New Yorkers were left to deal with piles of waste the environmentalists left behind. --Teresa Mull